What type of wood do you sell?

We sell seasoned hardwood firewood eg oak, ash, beech, birch, sycamore. All wood is sourced from sustainable local woodland.

What does seasoned firewood mean?

Seasoning of logs is basically a drying process, traditionally logs would be cut one season (or year) before they were ready to burn. Logs are seasoned by cutting and storing in a dry place for a period of time long enough to reduce their moisture content to less than 25%.

Why is seasoning so important?

Seasoned or dry logs burn more easily and efficiently, more of the heat or energy from the fire is used to warm your home, unlike damp or unseasoned logs which use a lot of the energy from the fire to drive off moisture from the log before it can burn properly.

Why do you only sell hardwood logs?

Hardwood logs burn at a slower and steadier rate giving off a much higher and longer lasting heat from your fire, therefore you will not need to burn as many hardwood logs to heat your home as you would if you were burning softwood logs. Hardwoods are denser than softwoods so, even if it is more expensive, the hardwood option will be the most economical

Why is it important to buy dry wood?

35%-45% of the weight of freshly felled wood is water and trying to burn it will produce steam rather than heat. Drying or “seasoning” reduces the moisture content of the wood. Wood should be seasoned before it is burned and the moisture content reduced to at least 25%. The lower the moisture content, the better the wood will burn. As well as producing little heat, burning wood that has not been properly seasoned can result in tar deposits in the chimney and smoky, rather than clean burning fires.

When burnt efficiently wood produces virtually no smoke and is 'carbon neutral'. Thus the minimal smoke produced through burning wood does not add to 'greenhouse gases' which are associated with global warming and are produced through the use of fossil fuels.

Are the trees cut down just for firewood?

No, most certainly not. The trees, which we use for firewood, are from sustainable forestry thinning programme throughout the county. Using a sustainable source of firewood promotes the active management of woodland with extensive benefits for the environment, countryside and wildlife. If harvested from sustainable sources, wood is a completely renewable source of energy.

I’ve got my own supply of wood pile but need help to cut it into logs?

We offer a mobile firewood processing and log splitting service allowing us to come to your premises to process your wood pile quickly, efficiently and safely.

Can I order my logs in the summer?

We welcome orders for logs well in advance of the winter and happy to deliver in the summer months.

We don't have very much storage and haven't got enough room for a trailer load of logs.

Don't worry we supply logs in nets and can deliver to your home on a regular basis. We are also able to partition the trailer into various sizes to cater for all your needs.